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Updated April 15, 2020

Expert Google Ads Optimization And Consulting

Meet Ty Whittingham. If you want to grow your business with Google Ads, he and his team of experts can fast-track you to success.

Google Ads is a competition. Better strategy yields better ROI.

Grow Your businesses with G Ads

Ty's process has proven to help businesses of all sizes succeed with Google Ads.

There is a direct correlation between Google Ads success and business success.

Have A Winning Team On Your Side

With G Ads, you don't wait 6 to 12 months to see results. You get immediate impact. 

Ty and his team can begin initial updates within 24 hours. G Ads clients typically see improved Google Ads ROI and volume in less than 7 days.

About Ty, G Ads founder and leader

Ty has analyzed and optimized over $1B in spend and built a successful Google Ads/Analytics agency that lives on to this day.

In 2018, Google featured him on a panel at a Growth Summit for their largest Partners.

Whether you're a large business or small, Ty knows exactly how to help you succeed with Google Ads.

About G Ads

Imagine a football team; Ty is the quarterback. He analyzes the opponent, calls the play and enables his teammates to score.

Every G Ads member has a special skill. Designers, programmers, English majors and mathematicians to name a few. Each with their own special purpose in the process. You won't find a more talented team anywhere.

They track ROI daily and work together to maximize your profits. Money is the Google Ads point system and they play hard to help you win.

A combination of machine learning and human expertise to improve your results (aka profit) month-over-month.

Their secret? Increase your return on ad spend through a/b testing and advanced programmatic management techniques.

Hire the Google Ads experts

The 1st step to get started is scheduling your free Google Ads account review with Ty. You will meet via Zoom video conference and screen share.

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